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Ningbo Diya Domestic Electric appliance Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Diya Domestic Electric appliance Co.,Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of the Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics group Co.,Ltd.and a joint venture of Chinese & foreign country.
  Ningbo DIYA is specialized in making power outlets,adaptors,connectors,lights and plugs sold in American markets.DIYA is strong in developing new products under strict quality control systems.DIYA makes five series and up to 100 kinds of products and has all products certified by many safety organizations in the world including UL.DIYA is a leading manufacturer in the production quantity,the product quality and in the safety certification in the electronics industry.DIYA has long history in cooperating with many large supermarket chains in the world.To expand the international markets and to strength the relationship with the international companies.DIYA is speeding up the new product development and the certification process,incerasing the production scale and thus to meet the requirement from our customers.
  DIYA strictly follow the ISO standards to meet the rules and requirement from the international market.DIYA has built up a solid quality assurance system in the company by following the IS09001-2000. The quality of the products is therefore increased continuously under this management system.To meet the consumption requirement in the international markets,DIYA keeps improving the product function and their packaging.DIYA’s products are widely welcomed by the customer due to the high quality in long time.
  DIYA will make high quality products to win the market and customer.DIYA will keep the good relationship with qur customers by supplying excellent services.In the mean time,DIYA welcomes friends from all areas to visit DIYA.

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