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Welcome to Ningbo Diya Domestic Electric appliance Co.,Ltd.(2008-11-27)
Ningbo Diya Domestic Electric appliance Co.,Ltd.(2008-11-27)
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Ningbo Diya Domestic Electric appliance Co.,Ltd.
It is one to directly subordinate to (Sino-foreign joint venture) a branch company , special field creates the America marketplace mains lead series of products with the socket , converter , plug-in wire board , lamp and attachment plug , have stronger product design to develop the ability and strict quality control system, the product owns the safe USA UL detecting laboratory and other various national security attestation organization attestation certificate , big series having formed five are close to hundred breeds. The long range always is in the product attestation and the quality producing scale and the product in in the homeland industry having a lead over position , the business having carried out already works together with large-scale chain supermarkets of many family internationals. At the same time, the company is to develop markets further and reinforces the cooperation withimportant company of international,                    >> More
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